Oil Sampling Valves

Upgrade to oil sampling valves and get the reliable oil samples you need to effectively extend out oil drain intervals and make decisive predictive maintenance decisions.

Why Sampling Valves?

Oil sampling valves allow you to consistently sample active oil directly from the active zone while the equipment is running. No shutdowns, no more scheduling samples around production. You can sample at any time without opening your system up to external contamination. Additionally, sampling valves can reduce the time it takes to get a sample by 80%.


Sample coming from the same location every time

Safe to sample without shutting down

Quick samples (10 seconds to 2 minutes)

Sampling Valves

Drop Tube Sampling

Drain Sampling

Checkfluid Sampling Valves

KP Pushbutton

  • Sampling pressures 5 - 750 psi (0.03 - 5.17 MPa)
  • Pushbutton style valve - simply push for your oil sample
  • No probes needed, no tubing required, no vacuum pumps
  • Reduce the chance of cross-contamination
  • Remote access solutions available

LTJ Series

  • High flow sampling valve for high viscosity oils or lower temperatures
  • Sampling tube draws oil from the active zone
  • Samples 7x faster than the M16x2 style
  • Installs compactly into almost any port without special tools or adapters
  • Sampling 0 -125 psi (0 - 0.86 MPa)

The CORE Solution

  • Checkfluid's CORE Solution covers the functions you need for total fluid management of your gearbox or reservoir
  • It combines the AD Drain Mount and AB Breather Mount into a closed system meaning you can sample, filter, drain, fill and monitor all from a closed system
  • The same high flow sampling valve as the LTJ Series allows you to combine sampling excellence with other visual monitoring techniques
  • Sample, filter, monitoring without impacting production
  • Ask to see case studies to see what other companies have been able to achieve with the CORE Solution

Checkfluid Customer Savings

Engine Savings

One fleet was able to cut their sampling time from 10 minutes to 30 seconds, saving them thousands in labor costs by switching from drop-tube sampling to a KP Pushbutton.

65.92% ROI in their first year.

Gearbox Savings

With the CORE Solution, this company was able to optimize its drain intervals. The 6-month extension they achieved in their first year saved them $10,000.

29.01% ROI in their first year.

Hydraulic Savings

More reliable oil samples from a KP Pushbutton showed this company that they did not need to replace perfectly functioning equipment due to a false alarm.

7964% ROI in their first year. 

Switch to Sampling Valves

Discover The Savings

Since 2001 Checkfluid has made it easier for companies to get reliable oil samples by developing oil sampling valves and related hardware. Checkfluid’s sampling valves are designed to make sampling both pressurized and non-pressurized systems easier and more precise. A one-time installation provides a significant return on investment; sample after sample, year after year. Checkfluid valves are designed, machined and assembled according to rigid ISO 9001:2015 guidelines and often can be specified on new purchases.

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